And so its begins…

Yesterday was the first day of our Night Time Activities – Flashlight Maze, Moonlight Wagon Rides and of course our Zombie  Maze!

The stage was set for a fun family adventure through the dark maze lit just by your flashlights in one of our fields, while across the way in our second corn field the zombies were getting hungry!

And to top your night off, a moonlight wagon ride through the corn while classic Halloween tunes fill the air!

We have been working really hard to get ready for these activities.

The group got together early and sure enough within minutes we begun to see the un-dead creeping through our fields. We have a such a great group of people who are here with the sole purpose of making sure you have a fun experience going through the Zombie Maze. Thanks to Sonic Nation for the support and we look forward to having them here tonight!

We all look forward to seeing many of you as the month goes on.

  • Flashlight Maze – Dusk – 10 pm
  • Moonlight Wagon Rides – Dusk – 10 pm
  • Zombie Corn Maze – 8pm – 10 pm



Maan Farms Country Experience