How We Grow Our Food

Everything we grow is grown sustainably on our farm using IPM technology ???? . IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management which essentially means when we are farming we use as few pesticides as possible, instead we use alternative methods.

We walk the rows of berries daily to check for anything that’s less than perfection because instead of spraying on a calendar we only spray if we see it is necessary. This is a process called Scouting which you can see Kris Maan doing in the picture below. Here he is walking on the outside of the field as some pests can end the field on sides of the field from adjacent crops such as the raspberries which are right next door. Here he is looking for weevil notching. So far some notching has been seen but the count is low enough where we have to take any actions.

If we do see anything like lots of plant loss due to bugs or over growing plants we look for another way to treat the situation rather than spray it away! One thing we’ve done is have our goats eat back blackberry plants so they don’t grow over our field! This is just something we do to ensure we are being good stewards of the land and are producing the best berries 

This year our strawberries are in good form all around. Mother Nature can be a detriment and a blessing all at the same time. For example, the cold winter did push back our harvest but the cold also killed off many pests which we would have been spraying for.

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