5 Things you Forget to think about for your Fraser Valley Farm Wedding

Photo credit: Leanne Sim Photographer

Your wedding is meant to be fun and beautiful celebration of love, but parking, wi-fi, and rain are just some of the complications your wedding day can bring. After watching several weddings come through our barn with questions and concerns, we asked Mama Maan and here are her top things you can’t forget when booking your Fraser Valley Farm Wedding.

1. WiFi and Cell Service

Photo credit: Maan Farms

How many times have you been going along, enjoying your day out here in the valley, Instagraming and texting, and suddenly your phone beeps; Welcome to the United States.

In today’s time, wedding guests, (and even the two stars) wants to share the wedding and events happening in real time. With so many social media platforms, and extravagant data charges, wifi is an important thing to look for. Even a fee for unlimited wi-fi use for the night is more beneficial than you and your guests racking up data charges.

Social media is a big part of our lives and it’s present at everything. Weddings even have their own hashtags and Snapchat filters, so everyone can keep up with what’s happening. What’s wonderful about this, is that you can watch the wedding from your guests’ perspectives. They are there to celebrate you, double tap and celebrate them back.

2. Parking in the Fraser Valley

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Between large restricted lots, tiny parking lots, and the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve), parking in the Fraser Valley is never easy, no matter where you are going. Parking needs to be on your list. Is it pay parking? Can you purchase a days pass of parking for your guest list or is this out of their own wallets? Is it close to the venue? Is there enough parking for everyone or will some late arrivals be parking a few blocks away?

3. On-Site Photography

Photo credit: Leanne Sim Photographer

Most venues boast a beautiful Fraser Valley and rustic barn backdrop, but how much is really open for you to explore with your photographer? Can those baby goats get in on the action? What about the strawberry fields? Or even the corn maze?

Can you leave the property for some photos? Maybe you and yours met at one of our local coffee shops (Oldhand Coffee, we’re looking at you) and want to make a trip there on your big day?

As well, is the farm okay with just on-site day-of photography. Can you get married in your family church, have a reception at home, and still get those Fraser Valley farm views?

4. Privacy from other farm activities

Photo credit: Leanne Sim Photographer
Photo credit: Leanne Sim Photographer

Most farms in the Fraser Valley that offer weddings, offer more than just that. They could have family activities, learning centres, ice cream shops, restaurants, playgrounds, wineries, petting zoos, cows, and so much more. As well as fields, and, you know, actual farming life. What season are you looking at? What is being harvested? Maybe it’s blueberry, or strawberry season? How much work will be happening that day, will dust be blowing?

How close are you to the action? And for some things, can you and your guests get in on the action?

5. Covered ceremony area. What happens if it rains?

Photo Credit: Maan Farms

It’s the Fraser Valley, we live beside Raincouver. It’s probably going to rain. What happens then? Is there a covered ceremony area? What about your reception?

As well, for those that love late fall and even the chills of winter snow, does the venue host off-season weddings?

What’s one thing you’re worried you’re forgetting?

Photo credit: Leanne Sim Photographer

In the end, the wedding is about you, and what you need and want to have the perfect day. Anything else specific you can think of that needs to be remembered when planning a Fraser Valley wedding? Any tips or trick you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Weddings

-Maan Farms


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