Goat Diaries: Noël

Hi guys! Noël here! ????

This weather hasn’t been a whole lot of fun recently. But, with everything happening in the back end and all the work these guys are doing, I’m getting excited for Spring! It’s early this year, with Easter on April Fools Weekend hehe ???? and this is going to be my first Easter! My momma said it was a lot of fun last year because there was a GIANT rabbit walking around the farm!? Woahh! I’m excited to see what that’s all about. A giant, cute rabbit to take pictures of is something that I have to see to believe! I have a lot of bunny rabbit friends who live on the farm with me, but I’ve never seen a giant one! I GOAT excited when I heard all about this ????????

Oh, I think my momma is calling me, so I have to run! Talk to y’all later.

Love ya,

Maan Farms Country Experience