Yoga + Goats = Pure Happiness: What makes Goat Yoga different, besides the obvious.

Hi readers! Jessica here, writer and member of the Creative Team here at Maan Farms.  

Two weekends ago I got the pleasure of being a part of the first Goat Yoga event in the Fraser Valley, and man, what an amazing experience.

I am not new to the yoga world, but by no means an expert, and always enjoy a good class. One thing I love about yoga is how different I feel after each practice.

There is always a sense of accomplishment, and pride that I have taken time to care for myself, inside and out. But sometimes I am so relaxed I am ready to hibernate for the winter, sometimes I am inspired and want to create, sometimes I am overwhelmed with emotions and need time to reflect and work through them, and sometimes I am ready to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Each yoga practice, whether at home, a studio, or an event, is different and generates a different feeling for me.  

But after Goat Yoga? I just felt happy.

Jess Delves letting the giggles loose.

Pure happiness. And I barely got to participate! As part of the Creative Team, I was at the event to help facilitate and capture content, but I couldn’t help but be immersed in the joy that was being created and shared around me.

It was a room full of giggling happiness, and these days, that is very hard to find.

Predictable, yet unpredictable.

Let’s first understand that predictable does not always mean boring, there are different aspects to predictability including safety, certainty, and even loyalty. The taste of your favourite meal, made exactly the same way, will be predictable, but never boring.

So when I say yoga is predictable, I do not mean boring. While positions, poses, and routines alternate depending on the instructor and class, I know for certain that I will be on my yoga mat, breathing, holding, and moving through poses. I know I will be losing my balance upwards of 12 times, I know I will fall over at least once, and I know I will feel good after. It’s predictable.

We breathe, we raise our arms and we shift into a lunge, and except now, suddenly, there is a little goat nose at your feet.

And basically your thought process goes: What? What do I do with this!? There’s a goat! He’s so cute! But what do I – I’m in a lunge, I’m breathing, I’m relaxing, I’m stretch— but there’s a goat! What do I do!?

Let’s be honest, the goats always won.

Not everyone abandoned their mats when the goats came to say hello, some attempted to interact with the goats while still in their current yoga pose (how far can you stretch?) Yes, we all did fall over a few times, but hey, it just created more laughs and enjoyment.

Here’s Jess MacMillan working both a side twist and snack time.

There was no denying the euphoric atmosphere in the barn that morning, Yoga instructor extraordinair, Ashley Viel, who began the event with some goat fears, was snuggling her fears away by the end of the day.

Photo from ashbluz Instagram.

For me, yoga plants a sense of peace, or a desire to find peace, within my body and mind. But Goat Yoga planted a desire to find more happiness. More times to giggle. More times to just laugh with friends.

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I hope you find a chance to try Goat Yoga here with us, but mostly I hope you find more moments to giggle.

Love to all,


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