Can I have a goat as a pet?

When the baby goats (kids) are born here at Maan Farms, I always find myself asking the same question, Can I have a goat as a pet? It would be a favour to the environment; I could use its milk to make various cheeses and butter which would eliminate my need to purchase packaged dairy products. Plus, I would save on a lawn mower because they would mow it themselves.

And of course, they’re simply adorable.

Do you remember going to the petting zoo as a kid? Do you remember how the goats would start gnawing at the edge of your shirt? Well, it turns out that that’s what a goat would do in a house. Not only would the goat eat all of the clothing that they can get their hooves on, they will even chomp on cardboard and tin cans. If they eat all of that, what’s stopping them from eating everything else inside?

It turns out goats can get quite big, 300 lbs big! 

I don’t know how well that would fit in a small apartment. Plus, the goat might stab my thin walls with their horns, resulting in costly repairs.

Their naturally curious behavior inclines them to climb on everything, including the couch, kitchen table, and bed. My IKEA furniture definitely won’t stand a chance.

Waking up with a baby goat beside me might be nice for a day or two, but a large goat would be crushing.

Another time I consider getting a goat for a pet is during Maan Farm’s Goat Yoga events.

As I transition into downward dog a little black and white goat cur-clunks my way and sniffs my hair. After a couple of sniffs, the goat bahs like a sheep to get my attention. I look up and see its tender eyes, desiring a little cuddle.

How could I not get a goat for a pet after that?

Even though the goat would keep me company when no one else is around and snuggle me when they’re a baby, I’m beginning to realize it might be a burden to adopt the little one and take them away from their home on the farm. Maybe I’ll get a goldfish instead.


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