Friends & Family Stories: Ethel

Living life in her later years, Ethel is living with cancer for her third time. Instead of being discouraged by her health, Ethel spends her days up and about, caring for others. Every Monday Ethel arrives at our farm with high spirits and a smile on her face. She collects all of our used bottles and takes the money earned to send children at her church to summer camp. For the past fifteen years, Ethel has been helping children in this way. The joy she sees on the children’s faces once they come home from camp motivate her to keep this project going.

When at camp the kids are accepted, loved, and cherished; all things they may not receive at home. The children join her in collecting bottles and host bake sales of their own to help earn their way to camp. Ethel always encourages the kids to contribute because she feels that they will enjoy their week away so much more if they’ve really worked for it.

Regardless of her obstacles, Ethel knows that her purpose right now is to help these children grow. Last year she gathered enough money to send seven children to camp. And this summer she plans on sending even more. If you would like to help Ethel, feel free to bring by any bottles you have and we will make sure they get into her hands.

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