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Amazing Aerial Photo of the Farm

On September 24 2020, Abbotsford pilot Kate Tian snapped an aerial photo of the farm. You can clearly see the orange pumpkin patch, the main building and winery arcoss the street. You can see the corn maze to the left (North) of the main building. We can’t wait to open the 2021 corn maze, but […]

Friends & Family Stories: Gaurav

“It actually wasn’t my idea to go into winemaking, it was my dad’s,” says our in-house winemaker, Gaurav Maan, with a smile on his face. Keeping in the family business, Gaurav has been working tirelessly for the past 6 years to bring the best possible wine right here on our Farm & Estate Winery. Since […]

We’re hiring! Come hang out with us ????

Come hang out with us! As we prepare to head into our busiest seasons, we are hiring for various positions in and around our farm. There’s something here for everyone. Browse through the links below that peak your interest, and if the job sounds like you, submit your resume, availability and cover letter through Indeed […]

Goat Diares: Noël ????

Hi all! Noël here. My Goat INSTICTS say it’s goat to be sunny during the egg hunt! The Maan’s released 200 Early Bird Discounted Tickets this weekend, and they SOLD OUT. But don’t worry, more are coming on March 10th ???? It’s getting so cloooooooose and I am very excited to hang out with my farm […]

Goat Diaries: Blue ????

Baaaaaaaaaaaa. Look! Look! I’m doing it! I’m doing it! I’m skating! Blue here, we’ve been practicing a little more for #Beijing2022, and I’m not gonna lie, we’re getting pretty goat, baa, I mean good. If only we could just focus…wait what’s that, can I eat that? I do just want to say a huge CONGRATS […]

Goat Diaries: Noël ????

Hi, my name is Noël! That’s my name because I was born on Christmas! Yupp, I’m a Christmas baby goat! Thanks to those special friends on Instagram for giving me my name, love ya! I think they love Christmas and they love me, so I love them too! I am new around here and behind me […]

Goat Diaries: Noël ????

Noël again! I love naps and cuddles! They’re probably my two favorite things after my momma. When I nap I have the best dreams of summery days and open green fields of grass. I can’t wait to meet you all this coming Easter. The farm has an East Egg Hunt every year. I heard this […]

Goat Diaries: Noël ????

Noël here, let me tell u about what I did today! I got to run around the store today! I nibbled on some popcorn, slide across the wine tasting room and I even got see the busy people in the office! My life is pretty great on the farm. These guys love to pick me […]

Maan Farms Country Experience