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Goat Diaries: Noël ????

Hi! Noël and Feta here ❤ Tomorrow we name Feta’s brother!! He’s my cousin but I call him brother too, I love him. We all bunk together in the same pen and have the best cuddles. Can’t wait for the summer to see you guys. Love ya, Noël ????❤

Goat Diaries: Noël ????

I’m not eating I’m nibbling. Besides bugging him is fun and the only food I love is my momma’s milk. Noël ????❤

Goat Diaries: Noël ????

C’mon Feta and Blue what are y’all waiting for!? Like a lot of other stuff, I learned to skate before my brothers did. Let’s be real, girls just learn faster than boys! I hope you’ve all been keeping nice and warm as January comes to an end, see you guys soon! Noël ????♥

Goat Diaries: Feta ????

Farmer Amir, please don’t slip and fall!! Blue and I need to make sure you’re in tip-top shape to bring us our grub everyday! ????And yeaaa, obviously we love you! ???? We love everyone who is coming to our Easter Egg Hunt! When are you releasing the early bird discounted tickets, Amir!? I’m pretty sure […]

Goat Diaries: Feta

Hi everyone! Feta here, with Blue tagging along. ???????? There’s sunshine today and we’re really excited about it!! There is just SO MUCH to play with! Like this ball here, man, I just can’t keep my eyes off of it. It swings, it wiggles, it bounces, nothing beats it. Well, maybe playing with Blue and Noël. We […]

Goat Diaries: Noël

Hi guys! Noël here! ???? This weather hasn’t been a whole lot of fun recently. But, with everything happening in the back end and all the work these guys are doing, I’m getting excited for Spring! It’s early this year, with Easter on April Fools Weekend hehe ???? and this is going to be my […]

Family Days are not Just for Family Day (psst. It’s almost Easter)

It doesn’t need to be Family Day to celebrate and share time with your families, but it’s a great chance to. Our family spent the evening with an exciting game of charades, and we’re not certain, but we’re pretty sure Mama Maan was cheating. (Either that or she’s just really good at mind reading.) We […]

Fall Crops ~ Dreaming of an Indian Summer?!?

Though everyone still has their mind on summer fun, vacations & berry crops, our farmers are already one season ahead dealing with our fall crops. Pumpkin, squash & corn crops are doing great  right now, and are right on track with where we want them to be. Our second crop of Albion/Everbearing Strawberries are ripe and in store […]

May 11th Maan Farms Crop Report

I ATE a strawberry today! Yup, it’s the beginning of May and Strawberries are ready! With one bite you can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of a hot summers day. The plants have been working on overdrive injecting sugar into the big red berries. We are hand picking a limited quantity of […]

What a Great Week for Maan Farms Estate Winery!

  Maan Farms Estate Winery Wins Three International Wine Awards!   We are so excited to announce that Maan Farms Estate Winery won 3 awards at the recent 2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.   Our 3 wines that were honored: Maan Trois (Bordeaux Blend) 2013- Double Gold Strawberry Dessert 2015 – Bronze Blueberry Table 2014 […]

And So We Prepare For Spring

Wow… it may still be Winter but we are full swing into our Spring planning, planting & events at the farm! Our store is still currently closed but the office staff and management are working hard to transition us to all the best Spring has to offer – strawberries, Easter, baby animals, and so much more. […]

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